High-carbon Ferrochrome (FINES)

High-carbon Ferrochrome is used to make everything from cars to kitchen sinks.  Also known as Charge Chrome, this alloy of chromium contains 50% to 70% iron and is used in a variety of applications across several industries.

  • Ferrochrome is produced through the carbothermic reduction of chromate, a very high temperature process.
  • It contains a higher chromium-to-iron ratio than regular ferrochrome and is used in specialised industrial manufacturing processes – specifically in manufacturing industrial furnaces that are designed to withstand extremely high temperatures.
  • Ferrochrome is one of the most useful chrome alloys produced from chromium ore. It is an essential component in the manufacturing of stainless steel, a substance which is used in almost every area of the economy.

ADEM specialises in the precision extraction and preparation of high carbon Ferrochrome for both domestic and international buyers. Our precision mining and extraction methods ensure a high level of purity in the metals and alloys we supply to the industry.

To learn more about power we can support your manufacturing process with a reliable supply of high-quality Ferrochrome, contact the ADEM team.