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ADEM GLOBAL is a 100% BEE owned company specializing in the supply of natural gas for the generation of power, logistics, tanks across all sectors and industries throughout Africa.

ADEM Global aims to make gas and energy resources accessible to all sectors and industries, including cities and rural communities. With energy, Africa will have better economic and social developments. There will be better infrastructure and improved civil life for its citizens. It is a well known fact that supporting good governance is needed by African governments for Africa’s potential in oil and gas.

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As a Pan-African company our mission is to outsource, produce, store and supply gas and oil to local, continental and international markets


Become a leader in harnessing Africa’s transformative energy. Making gas supply to all sectors more accessible and available. This shall include public and private sectors


Will and openness to partner with international experienced companies who desire to invest in vast oil and gas

What We Do

The energy & technology we'll need for the future

power generation

Making power generation affordable and accessible to all sectors and industries, including schools and universities


Gas supply for the use by logistics companies

Tanks and Vessels

We will supply various types of gas for Tanks and Vessels worldwide

CEO strategy

Our Scientific vision of energy sources

Lets Work together in using our collective resources and to harness Africa’s Transformative Energy

As it is now a requirement in all African countries that international investor companies should enter into a joint venture with a local company for the benefit of local employment and skills transfer, ADEM has put into place all mechanisms and machinations in place to be the best company to partner with. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!”

Successful accomplishment of new ventures require effective management of constraints of the stakeholders, leadership styles and work environment and ADEM is well placed to provide all that.
Noah Zulu
Noah Zulu

Supplier of Gas

As a Pan-African company our mission is to outsource, produce, store and supply gas and oil to local, continental and international markets

Major Role Player

ADEM aims to play a big role in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas projects and businesses on the African continent

Foreign Investment

Involvement in oil & gas, mining industry in Africa by ADEM, an indigenous African company will attract foreign investment from international companies

Power Generation Accessible

It is projected that if Africa takes advantage of its gas reserves to generate electricity, by 2040 about 1 billion people including those in Sub-Saharan region may gain access to electricity.

Our solutions

energetic services & Solutions

Supported by a unique set of partners will enable ADEM to provide full end to end natural gas and power delivery solutions. With the support of their partners and affiliates, ADEM will be able to provide clients with support services that extend to the delivery of cheap natural gas while enabling clients to drive down overall costs of operations.

Partners in Natural Gas

Investing in Natural Gas for the Future

We are entering the Golden Age of Gas! While short-term risks from the global economy are still quite high, longer-term economic prospects for Africa are seen as very bright 

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Cleaner energy

Leaders in harnessing Africa's Transformative Energy

Why Choose us

Energy and Mining project development

ADEM is committed to becoming a key contributor in supplying industries and surrounding communities with sustainable low cost natural gas.

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