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Coal was pivotal in the Industrial Revolution, which quite literally changed the world. Today it is the largest source of energy that produces electricity for homes, businesses and industries. South Africa is a strong contender on the world market, with roughly 200 years of coal reserves, it is position number 8 in global coal reserves.
Africa Droit Energy and Mining is a bulk supplier of a range of coal grades and is the dependable intermediary between coal producers and coal buyers.

Globalisation combined with competitive concentration requires an entrepreneurial vision and strong social skills to bridge the gap between population needs and environmental sustainability.

In a time of ecological and economic change, it is crucial to hold on to fundamental beliefs. For Africa Droit Energy and Mining, we are mindful of the tentative balance between ecology and the economy on the one hand and the needs of our employees and company on the other, that influences all aspects of our business decisions.

Personal and trustworthy contact with our business partners remains our priority. We always do our best to achieve a long-term and mutually satisfactory solution for each collaboration.


Our Approach

Africa Droit sources its supply from South African mines and employs best quality practices. As a small, independent business, we strive to achieve excellence in supplying the highest standard of quality grade materials and contracting the best supply chain management to achieve the most favourable transaction cost to all our stakeholders.


We are a true African company with the vision and determination to be recognised as a formidable player in the mining industry. We understand our competitors and what is required of us to stay ahead and excel in our field. Africa Droit is continually researching new technologies that will monitor our supply chain to better service our clients. Over the next few years we will be digitising every department of our company, from extraction to administration, to enable us to increase production while maintaining the excellent service we are known for.

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About us

Africa Droit is a success story of entrepreneurial progression.

The founder, Noah Zulu, first owned a security company that included guarding, electronics, surveillance and steel windows and fencing. Instead of outsourcing the steel construction, he opened Breakthrough Civil Engineering and Construction (Pty) Ltd in 2014. The new company maximised profits and gave him control of the manufacture and designs.

Motivated by an appreciation of Africa’s abundance of wealth and natural resources, combined with a recognition of its dire economic conditions, Africa Droit Energy and Mining (Pty) Ltd followed in 2020, focusing on the trade of coal, iron ore, magnesium, and other commodities.

As a specialist coal broker, we have contacts who provide coal for the diverse needs of different industrial sectors.  This document will first cover the general coal types, then specify the South African names and definitions.

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Our Why Choose us

The changing markets have a massive impact on the supply and delivery chain. Staying on top of prices, suppliers and changing rules can be tricky.   Using a specialist trader who understands the markets, and the current events that influence them, will ensure your trades are not adversely affected by changes.

Successful accomplishment of new ventures require effective management of constraints of the stakeholders, leadership styles and work environment and ADEM is well placed to provide all that.
Noah Zulu
Noah Zulu


In both products and service, it has been one of the core principles at Africa Droit since its inception to maintain the highest quality standard


When it comes to meetings deadlines, we spare no effort in doing everything possible to ensure timely deliveries.

Competive Price

Sourcing directly from the mines, enables us to offer quality products & services at a competitive price.

Established Presence

Our established presence allows us leverage access to access mineral commodities, ensuring constant supply that guarantees delivery.

Our solutions

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Our success stems from a simple yet extraordinary attitude towards service and a thorough understanding of the products we trade in. By maintaining communication from order to delivery, we have successfully formed long-term customer and production relationships that are rare in our industry.

Coal Mining

Types of Coal

Coal is made of old organic matter that rocks have compressed over millions of years.  The rank, or quality, of coal is determined by pressure, temperature, and time to form. With each rank, the percentage of volatiles and moisture drops and the percentage of carbon increases. 

Although there is a universal acceptance of which type of coal fits into which broad range, there is no fixed or precise lowest or highest figure for any range.  The categorisation figures can and do overlap.  Furthermore, countries tend to give their own names and definitions to the different types of coal.


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Dry, Carbon content (%)

Moisture content before drying (%)

Dry, volatile content (%)

Heat Content (MJ/kg)











Sub-Bituminous coal





Bituminous coal











Peat is the “forgotten fossil fuel” used for domestic and commercial heating in northern Europe, Scandinavia, Indonesia and Finland.  Formed over millions of years from decaying vegetation, peat is the first step in the natural coal process.

Used: Used as an absorbent for fuel and oil spills on land and water.


Also called brown coal, lignite is formed from compressed peat.  It is the lowest grade and highly volatile with the lowest concentration of carbon. Lignite is brownish-black in colour, dull and crumbly with a low heating value and high moisture content.

Used: Mainly used in electricity generation and some briquettes.


Also called black lignite, sub-bituminous coal is dark brown to black in colour and rather dull. It has a low-to-moderate heating value.

Used: Power generation and industrial uses like chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in the manufacture of carbon fibre – which is used in solid and light-weight products, like tennis rackets and up-market bicycles, and cement manufacture. Also used to make briquettes and coke and fire the kilns that bake bricks, blocks, and building materials.


Bituminous is a dense, sedimentary rock with a high heating value. Formed from compressed lignite, bituminous is positioned in the ranking between sub-bituminous and anthracite. It is dark brown to black in colour. At first sight, it appears smooth and shiny, but look closely and you will see it has thin, altering shiny and dull layers.

Bituminous coal is divided into two types. (1) Thermal (Steam Coal); and (2) Mettallurgical (coking coal)


Often called ‘Green carbon’, anthracite is a natural, smokeless fuel with the highest heating value and a long burning time.

Used: Primarily used in the metallurgy processes industry. A small percentage is used for specialised industrial uses that require smokeless fuels. Residential and commercial heating and water treatment. Manufacture of iron and steel. The pharmaceutical industry and chemical processes.

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Energy and Mining project development

ADEM is committed to becoming a key contributor in supplying industries and surrounding communities with sustainable low cost natural gas.

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