Chrome Concentrate – Different Variants

A combination of iron(II)oxide and chromium(III)oxide, this alloy’s high heat stability makes it perfect for refractory applications, especially chrome plating.

  • The vehicle industry makes extensive use of chromium concentrate, using the alloy to produce shiny and corrosion resistant vehicle components like front grills, mag wheels, and door handles.
  • Chromium concentrate is highly corrosion resistant, making it a deal for cars and other machinery that must withstand the elements.
  • Chromium concentrate is also used as a pigment, giving color to glass and paint. Many porcelain tiles are coloured using a variant of chromite that changes their colour without weakening their structure.
  • It is also used in the leather tanning industry where it serves as an oxidizing agent.

The wide range of industrial applications that chromium concentrate is used for makes this metal an indispensable part of the South African and global manufacturing industries. At ADEM we are proud to supply high-quality chromium concentrate to several large manufacturers, exporters, and distributors.

If you need to secure a reliable source of high purity chromium concentrate at competitive market rates, our team of mining and extraction experts is on hand to assist you. Contact us today or for more detailed information or to receive a quotation.