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As a Pan-African company our mission is to outsource, produce, store and supply gas and oil to local, continental and international markets. ADEM, through investments and projects will be a supplier in power generation, logistics, tanks and Vessels, as well as mining. Our services shall be provided throughout Africa

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Mining and Natural Gas

Supported by a unique set of partners will enable ADEM to provide full end to end natural gas and power delivery solutions. With the support of their partners and affiliates, ADEM will be able to provide clients with support services that extend to the delivery of cheap natural gas while enabling clients to drive down overall costs of operations.

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CEO strategy

Our vision of energy source

Partnering for the Future

Given the obvious imminent surge in demand for gas and oil, ADEM aims to play a big role in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas projects and businesses on the African continent

Harnessing Trans formative Energy in Africa

Through joint recources we will expand throughout Africa

Mining Services 

Our services cover the many and diverse aspects of exploration, mining due diligence studies, engineering studies, compilation of competent /qualified persons reports, tailings and waste, water, groundwater, environmental and social issues, geotechnics, mining related civil and structural engineering and municipal engineering. 

Cement production 

Africa’s economies are developing and infrastructure development is poised to grow. The African population growth is also rising which increases the need of the construction of houses pushing the demand for cement and concrete even higher. ADEM is in collaboration with reputable Canadian and Chinese companies in the establishment of a cement/concrete plant with production that would suffice the African continent. 

The premium grade versions characterised by high quality and high reliability of our product offering in all our products makes ADEM a major competitor and a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Team Excellence

We understand that success requires not only the correct management, but also team excellence

Foreign Investment

Our will and openness to partner with international experienced companies who desire to invest in vast oil and gas

The worldwide calls for energy transitions, ADEM will be the leader in renewable energy sector.
Noah Zulu

Power Generation

Making gas accessible to all sectors and industries


Through joint ventures and ownership, ADEM will participate in mining in Africa


Supply of natural gas to the logistics industry

Tanks & Vessels

Supply of natural gas for tanks and vessels

Our solutions

energetic services & Solutions

ADEM is committed to becoming a key contributor in supplying industries and surrounding communities with sustainable low cost natural gas.