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about us

CEO strategy

Our vision of Natural Gas sources

Our Mission

Through partnerships and foreign investment, our mission is to outsource, produce, store and supply gas and oil to local, continental and international markets.

We strive to partner with the most dynamic international companie in order to supply cost effective and reliable natural gas solutions for Africa

Our solutions

energetic services & Solutions

Our Vision for the Future.


Working liaisons with Supply and Operations companies servicing the gas and energy industry

Major Role PLayers

ADEM aims to play a big role in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas projects and businesses on the African continent.

Leader in Mining & Renewable Energy

A worldwide calls for energy transitions, ADEM will be the leader in renewable energy sector

Provision of Power

ADEM will ensure that energy is provided for person in Africa, including schools, universities, health facilities and factories

Meet our CEO

Expert in his field

Noah has been in Civil and Structural Engineering since 2001.


Noah Zulu is an Electrical Engineer with over 15 years experience in the Energy and Security Industry. Noah has been in Civil and Structural Engineering since 2001. 

He has been involved in the manufacturing, design and installation of steel structures, steel fences, welding of underground pipes in his other company called Breakthrough Civil Engineering and Construction. As a result, the company has ventured into gas and mining projects, hence the birth of Africa Droit Energy and Mining (ADEM).

Noah Zulu


Our will and openness to partner with international experienced companies who desire to invest in vast oil and gas will take us into the future of mining and natural gas


Our vision is to become the leader in harnessing Africa’s transformative energy

Lets Work Together

Partners in Natural Gas and Mining

Lets partner and work together to become the leaders in mining and natural gas

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